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The Annual
October Spooktacular

What started off in 2017 as a one-0ff Halloween art show in a local bar has become the spooky art show in Augusta, GA. Heather, who is a lover of all things Halloween, organizes this locals-only exhibition of haunted creations every year. She enjoys providing Augusta's artists with the opportunity to showcase and sell their work while simultaneously celebrating her favorite holiday. 


Held in Sky City in Downtown Augusta, GA. Featured works by: Heather Rene Dunaway, Randy Pace (Cover Art), Emma Jordan, Ernest Anderson, Regina Brejda, Jackie Mayo Van Dyke and Jency Annie-George Sekaran.



The third October Spooktacular was hosted at both the Hive Growler Bar and the Bees Knees tapas restaurant. It featured "witch" craft cocktails, themed foods, music, costumes and spooky artworks. Featured artists included Heather Rene Dunaway, Lacey Emery, Davis Gavitt, Erica Pastecki, Joey Hart, RUCU (Cover Art), Annie Downes, Sharina Carter, Michael Bell, Emma Bailey, Aaron Bailey, Brenna Laird and Lea Rigdon.



Hosted in the New Moon Cafe with a Masquerade artist market and horror story reading at The Book Tavern in Downtown Augusta, GA. Book reading by Charles Campbell, featured artists included A'shaela Abdon, Val Tereska, Courtney Johnson, Jacob Boland, Dawn Cardona (cover art), Lea Rigdon, Cynthia Panzella, Ashley Lesley, Babydoll and Heather Rene Dunaway. Vendors included Valerie Tereska, Courtney Johnson, Foxphire, Jacob Boland, Amy Crawford, Moth Rayburn, Lacii Stanley and Heather Rene Dunaway.



The 7th Annual October Spooktacular will be held at Le Chat Noir in conjunction with the annual Black Cat Carnival. A separate reception to be held on Friday, October 20th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. With 24 carefully selected local artists spooky artworks! Featured Artists include Aaron Bailey, Emma Bailey, Ashley Beresch, Yana Bondar, Boper9, Nikolas Bryan-Dunaway, John Stoney Cannon, Theron Cartwright, Jeremy Cohen, Marty Duff, Heather René Dunaway (Curator), Kimberly Fee (Cover Art), Parker Grantski, Kelley Igo, Francie Klopotic, Ashley Lesley, Genevieve Lucas, ERICA PASTECKI, RUCU, Karey Santos, Katie Scarborough, Shua Smith, Lacii Stanley and Rhian Swain.

The 7th Annual October Spooktacular (4).png


The second October Spooktacular, A Nightmare on 10th St. was held in the Hive Growler Bar. During the reception scary movies played over the televisions, there were themed cocktails and food. Featured artists included: Heather Rene Dunaway, Sharina Carter, Jacki Mayo Van Dyke, Ali Ennis, Randy Pace, Ernest Anderson, Joey Hart, Emma Bailey, Tylene Heblinger, Regina Brejda, Heather Gaitonde and Aaron Bailey (cover art).



With Covid-19 regulations in place, the 4th Annual October Spooktacular was hosted at 4P Studios in Martinez, GA and paired with a artist market titled "the Masquerade Market". The reception had tarot readings, a haunted trail, market and pop-up gallery in addition to the main gallery with lots of spooky art. Featured artists included Heather Rene Dunaway,  Debra Estep, Kimberly Barron, Joey Hart, Jacki Mayo Van Dyke, Mallory Vinson, Eva Creel, Francie Klopotic, Sally Kat (Cover Art), Erica Pastecki, Lea Rigdon, Eric Wessling, Mallory Vinson, and Mickey Busch. Vendors included Heather Rene Dunaway, Eva Creel, Francie Klopotic, Kimberly Barron, Pauline Trimor, Emily Yates, and Emma Bailey.



The 6th Annual October Spooktacular was hosted in partnership with the Greater Augusta Arts Council in the Augusta & Co. Gallery off Broad St. in Downtown Augusta, GA. Aaron Bailey, Colleen Beyer Stewart, Ronda Bryce, CERTCY ART, Jeremy Cohen, Heather René Dunaway (Curator), TJ McSherry, Michael Meissner, Dren Munitz, Randy Pace, Erica Pastecki (Cover Art), Lea Rigdon, Pamela Segers, L. Stanley, Nong Von Buedingen, Olivia Wahl, Cameron Young and Taylor Weatherford.

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