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This work was created as part of a series for my 2021 solo-exhibition at 4P Studios in Martinez, GA titled "Generations". It is a portrait of my maternal grandmother, Martha. I used an old photograph taken of her as she was getting ready for an event as reference. When I was younger, pre-braces, I had a gap between my two front teeth that I loved. My mother had it, her mother (Martha) had it, and her great grandmother did too. My grandmother wasn't one to smile often, but this photograph reminds me of that gap I loved and where it came from. My grandmother once, out of spite for my grandfather (who had done her wrong), painted their entire bedroom baby pink, including the furniture, the walls, even the closet ceiling. The pink is a nod to her funny way of dealing with problems. I also used maps from my grandfather, her husband's office and fabric from her crafting supplies.

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